New Houses & Additions Plus

New Houses & Additions Plus


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Euro and Sterling Versions Available

30 day money back guarantee! With over 30,000 programs sold we know our products work but if you aren’t totally satisfied let us know within thirty days of purchasing and we will refund your money in full with no questions asked.

You can price a complete new build or addition from start to finish in record time knowing that nothing has been left out. No other program like it on the market comes close to what this program can do!

Leave all the thinking and calculating for these types of works to NHE Plus™

Time is money and nobody likes wasting either…

You're probably looking at estimating software because you want a better solution to the way you currently price work. With the Easy Price Pro estimating system you will be able to cut the time spent pouring over paperwork and spend more time onsite. Plus this program allows you to get your evenings and weekends back!

Easy as 1, 2, 3...

No need to learn a complicated new system with hours of tuition. Our system is simple and easy..... if you know how to build a house then you know how to use our program. The system works through the build from start to finish in logical steps laid out in exactly the same order that you build.

There are thousands of interactive 3D diagrams giving you a visual explanation of what the program's asking you to enter. Simply put the information in to clearly marked boxes and the program will make all of the calculations for you. The program will work out the material, plant and labour costs and how long it will take to complete the job whilst giving you full control over fine-tuning the details and using your own company costs.

Job-winning quotation and reports…

You want to show your client that the service you deliver is professional. What better way than to send them a detailed set of reports outlining each stage of works, a work schedule and a detailed written quotation?

Setup and installation…

Worried about setting the system up on your computer? We offer a setup service completely free of charge if you need it. We email you the system so you don’t have to wait for delivery. Once you've received your software, one of our support team can remotely connect to your computer and set the program up for you if you are unsure around computers.

Material, plant and labour costs…

We provide an extensive default library with the NHE Plus™ program that contains a range of different material, plant and labour items and prices called the Central Library. You can customize the Central Library to suit your business by adjusting items. Or you can use the Easy Order Ultra program to get prices from your favourite suppliers and import them in to the Central Library.