Take Off Program and Tool

Take Off Program and Tool


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Euro and Sterling Versions Available

Our award-winning New Houses and Additions™ (NHE Plus™) program is the most comprehensive program on the market for quickly, easily and accurately pricing new builds and extensions. The program enables you to price a complete new build from start to finish with the complete satisfaction that nothing has been forgotten about. All Easy Price Pro programs have been designed to keep the learning curve as short as possible, the NHE Plus™ program is laid out in the order you would actually build the house so no confusing switching back and forth between different sections and everything is where you would expect it to be! Click here to see why no other program on the market comes close to the NHE Plus™ program.

The Standard Scalex® PlanWheel Pen is the industry standard take-off tool for entering scaled, linear measurements from your plans. Just scroll the wheel along your plans and click to instantly transfer the measurement(s) into your estimating program.